Vistra Awarded with National Mining Reclamation Award

IRVING, Texas — Oct. 14, 2021 — Vistra is committed to doing business the right way – and that means leaving things better than we found them. While this principle guides every decision we make, it’s most clearly seen in our mining reclamation work.

What is reclamation? At its core, reclamation is a process to ensure land is returned to a beneficial use after mining. The process is overseen by the federal Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSMRE). The agency was formed in 1977, but Vistra was reclaiming mined land long before it was required.

Every year the OSMRE honors companies that go above and beyond in their reclamation work. In 2021, the agency honored Luminant (a Vistra subsidiary) with its Excellence in in Surface Coal Mining Reclamation award, highlighting the work done at the Monticello-Winfield Mine in East Texas.

Mining began at the site in 1974 and continued until 2015. Over the decades, the mine produced more than 280 million tons of lignite, powering Texas homes. More than 15,500 acres are now in reclamation.

The OSMRE award spotlights the final section of the reclamation work, in the mine’s H-area. Following reclamation:

  • 34% of the H-area is now considered prime farmland, compared to 21% pre-mining
  • 785,000 pine tree seedlings are now thriving on the land
  • The H-area went from 35 acres of water features to 226

“This award is a testament to our long history of applying sound science and agricultural practices in our mine reclamation efforts,” said Vistra CEO Curt Morgan. “Collaborative efforts between federal and state agencies and industries like ours accomplish great things and can truly strike a balance between protecting the environment and the need for safe and reliable energy sources.”

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