TXU Energy Launches New Plan With Automatic Savings for Electric Vehicle Owners

Vistra’s flagship retail electricity brand, TXU Energy, has an all-new plan – with electric vehicle owners in mind.  TXU Energy EV PassSM gives customers 50% off all energy charges every weeknight and all weekend long – providing automatic bill credits at times when customers are normally charging their vehicles. By taking advantage of smart charging technology, TXU Energy is empowering customers to fill up their car when it is most convenient for them, and for the grid.  Plus, TXU Energy EV Pass goes the extra mile for the environment with 100% renewable energy.

Scott Hudson is TXU Energy’s president. He says that, “Our company sees this plan not only as the key to savings during prime EV charging times, but as a prime opportunity to partner with Texans driving our state toward a cleaner, more sustainable future.” According to the U.S. Department of Energy, Texas accounts for the third-highest number of electric vehicle registrations in the country, behind only California and Florida.

TXU Energy EV Pass is designed with the understanding that life doesn’t always happen on schedule. Whether customers are charging their vehicles on weeknights or plugging in for discounted rates on the weekend, they’re always getting the full benefit of the plan. EV Pass provides additional peace of mind with a price-protected rate, all year long.

With the launch of EV Pass, TXU Energy continues to take the lead in innovative technologies and distributed energy solutions, including unique solar solutions, thermostat and demand response programs, and tools like MyEnergy Dashboard, which allows customers to monitor their personal consumption information anytime.

For more information about TXU Energy EV PassSM, please visit www.txu.com.