Letter From the CEO: Vistra’s 2021 Sustainability Report

At Vistra, we have a legacy of doing what is right and we pride ourselves on being good corporate citizens. Guided by our core principles, we are a team-oriented, high-integrity company that aims for financial success while also serving a broad spectrum of stakeholders — from investors to our communities, our employees, and a broad range of other constituents.

We are also a company that is transforming. We are leading the nation’s clean energy transition through the responsible and deliberate transformation of our generation portfolio to low-to-no carbon resources, coupled with industry-leading sustainable solutions from our retail team.

Our growth investments in solar, energy storage, and other low-carbon technologies reduce our carbon footprint and propel us towards our goal of net-zero by 2050. In turn, we are positioned to be a more resilient and sustainable company, generating long-term value for all stakeholders. Our commitment to this transformation is evidenced in the growth of Vistra Zero, our zero-carbon generation portfolio, which we expect to reach at least 7,300 megawatts by 2026, along with the continued planned retirements of most of our coal facilities by, at the latest, 2027.

We’re focused on responsibly executing our long-term decarbonization and transformation strategy in a thorough and thoughtful manner as we consider the impacts our decisions make on all stakeholders. For example, we look to repurpose retired or soon-to-be-retired fossil fuel sites into solar and battery storage facilities where feasible. Repurposed sites provide a strategic advantage in the development of greener power due to the interconnection infrastructure already available, but additionally, and importantly, they allow us to continue supporting the local communities and our employees in those areas.

This just transition is most evident in Illinois where the successful passage of the Vistra-supported Illinois Coal to Solar and Energy Storage Initiative, as part of Illinois’ 2021 omnibus energy legislation, supports the construction and operation of up to 300 MW of utility-scale solar and 150 MW of battery energy storage at nine coal plant sites across the state.

This type of thoughtful renewable transition not only helps to mitigate climate change, but it also bolsters the economy through opportunities to include diverse suppliers in procurement, provides a much-needed property tax base to local communities, and creates new job opportunities while also supporting current employees through the transition.

In Illinois and across our fleet, our focus during this energy transition extends beyond the environmental or the “E” of ESG and has direct social or “S” impacts on our employees, communities, customers, and suppliers. We maintain a culture of respect and inclusivity in the workplace, prioritizing the safety and wellbeing of our employees, in hopes of attracting and retaining a diverse set of top talent.

We are active in our local communities giving both time and money to strengthen the places we call home. We engage with our customers to provide the best products and solutions in the market; and we seek out suppliers that share these values and goals. None of this is achievable without the strong governance, “G”, structure we have in place to provide the diligence, oversight, standards, and risk management needed to carry out our strategy effectively and with integrity.

For us, this starts with our highly skilled and diverse executive leadership team and board of directors who ultimately have oversight of our sustainability and ESG strategy. It is with these intentions and actions that we believe we are exactly the kind of company that should be embraced as a leader in the energy transition. We lead by example and run our business in a respectful, responsible manner to achieve the goals you, our stakeholders, entrust to us.

During this transition we will continue to balance our societal responsibilities by providing affordable electricity, ensuring grid reliability, and minimizing our environmental footprint, with an emphasis on combating climate change.

Earlier this year, I announced my own transition and that Jim Burke, my colleague and friend, would soon take the role of CEO. Jim has been with me all along as we have made extraordinary strides since we took over in October of 2016, and he is fully behind the transition of Vistra.

Leading Vistra has been the most rewarding experience of my 40-year career. I remain excited about the long-term opportunity ahead as Vistra transitions its fleet to low-to-no carbon resources.

Jim is a proven leader who possesses deep experience in our company and industry and understands Vistra’s commitment to all our stakeholders. I’m excited to watch him lead Vistra to continued success.

Read the full report here: https://vistracorp.com/sustainability/

Curt Morgan

Chief Executive Officer