A Luminant employee plants hundreds of pine seedlings as part of the company's committment to reclaim former mining land.

Tops in Texas: Vistra Honored for Commitment to Conservation

Nov. 2 — TxN 20 honorees join former first lady Laura Bush at the 2022 Texan by Nature Conservation Summit at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas.

When business and conservation come together, the benefit is long-term prosperity. Vistra is proud to be recognized, once again, by the Texan by Nature TxN 20 list, which honors companies for superior work in conservation and sustainability.

Winners are selected based on best practices for their industries and recognized for innovation, collaboration, and commitment to the environment.

From saving 400 billion gallons of water this calendar year to the Trees for Growth program providing environmental and health benefits to communities where they operate, Vistra sets new standards for building an environmentally sustainable future,” said Joni Carswell, CEO & President of Texan by Nature. “We are excited to honor Vistra’s leadership for the third year in a row as a leader in the Energy Industry category for the 2022 Texan by Nature 20.”

In devising our long-term strategy, Vistra has taken a balanced approach to lower emissions through transforming our generation fleet to low-to-no carbon generation sources while continuing to provide affordable, reliable, and sustainable power to our customers. We are committed to leading in the climate change effort as we invest in zero-carbon resources, retire fossil-fueled assets, and support and invest in environmentally-sound solutions and technology.

“Vistra is proud to be selected as a 2022 TxN 20 Honoree. Together, we share a common goal – to unite business and sustainability objectives, and to protect the state we call home,” said Stacey Doré, Vistra’s chief strategy and sustainability officer. “From a growing clean energy portfolio to award-winning reclamation work, we are powering a better way forward. This recognition is the culmination of more than a century of work to protect Texas’ natural resources.”