Vistra: Delivering common-sense energy solutions
on behalf of all Texans

Vistra is proud of our role in providing electricity to Texans.

After an unprecedented winter storm, we’ve heard from Texans across the state. They want action – now – to prevent that kind of disruption from ever happening again, whether in the winter or summer.

At Vistra, we’re focused on delivering meaningful solutions to protect Texans. To achieve this, we’re seeking partnership from all companies that contribute to the Texas electric grid, from power generators to transmission and distribution utilities to natural gas providers.

Texans need and demand a comprehensive approach, and the Legislature should move quickly to embrace measures that have drawn wide public backing. That includes:

Protect Critical Infrastructure

Mandating any operations in the energy supply chain, including generators and natural gas facilities, register with utilities as critical infrastructure to avoid potential outages due to emergency power curtailments called for by the grid operator, ERCOT.

Better Weatherization

Requiring sufficient weatherization of power plants and natural gas facilities.

Smarter Outages

Utilizing smart meter infrastructure to avoid extensive, prolonged outages in any given region.

More Communication

Bolstering public and customer communication with a system to provide advanced notification and accurate outage information as well as targeted outages and rapid response.

These common-sense measures will ensure power generators, utilities, and natural gas providers work in coordination to address the failures during the winter February freeze.

For our state, there are no problems too vexing to solve. We know that as Texas continues to grow, electricity must come from a more diverse set of resources, but we also must have a reliable and resilient grid.

It is time for us to put these solutions in place, and we are asking our industry partners to join together for the benefit of all Texans.

Together for Texans.