Supply Chain Diversity

Vistra Energy has a long-standing commitment to the economic development of the communities it serves. The supply chain diversity initiative was founded, and continues to be, based in the strength of this commitment. Endorsed and supported by the highest level of Vistra Energy’ management team, this initiative supports the development and utilization of businesses owned by women and minorities and small businesses. The commitment is about good business. At Vistra Energy, we recognize that a successful, progressive and innovative supply chain diversity Initiative not only enhances the economic development of communities, but strengthens Vistra Energy’ competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Importance of Supply Chain Diversity to Vistra Energy

Research shows the business value and economic relevance of a progressive, proactive supply chain diversity initiative to the economic success of corporation and communities. A strong minority, women and veteran supplier base increases the breadth and depth of available suppliers; creates more competition, providing a greater selection of competitive service providers; and adds jobs, strengthening the economy. For Vistra Energy companies, further value of Supply Chain Diversity can be directly linked to the business goals of each respective business.

Potential and existing large commercial customers recognize the value of supply chain diversity to their success. These customers want suppliers who share their commitment and they establish weighted values for supply chain diversity performance within the FGE and RFP process. Supply chain diversity success gives our companies a distinct competitive advantage. In addition, with respect to small commercial and residential customers, research shows that consumers in growing numbers, when informed about a company’s positive work in the supplier diversity arena, will select that company as a supplier.

A diverse, robust supply chain is as integral to business success as the quality of people and the quality of technology. Inclusion of minority, women and veteran owned small companies in the our sourcing process helps build quality processes; enhances completion for corporate economic strength; and strengthens each community where there is a company presence. From a regulatory, licensing and legislative perspective, a positive record of inclusion can be significant in determining a company’s true commitment to corporate responsibility and citizenship.

Our Supply Chain Diversity Policy Statement

It is the policy of Vistra Energy to procure goods and services from qualified suppliers and contractors. This policy ensures that diverse and small businesses have equal opportunities to participate in our procurement process. In supporting the development of such firms, Vistra Energy will actively seek qualified minority-and women-owned business concerns with which to do business and will endeavor to assist these business concerns with their development. In furtherance of this policy, Vistra Energy will participate in activities, organizations and programs which promote such enterprises. In addition, the company will provide maximum practicable opportunity to companies with federal designation of small business, small disadvantaged business, small women-owned businesses, small businesses located in HUBZones, and small businesses owned by Service Disabled Veterans. Administration and implementation of this policy is the responsibility of all organizations and business units throughout Vistra Energy, with support of the supply chain organization.

Our Multi-Tier Initiative

Vistra Energy has a distinctive and proud history of supporting the economic development of communities, including every segment of the business community.

We are encouraged by our accomplishments with respect to Supply Chain Diversity and our support of the development and utilization of diverse and small business. It is our goal to continue and expand on this tradition.

In order to be inclusive throughout the supply chain, Vistra Energy works closely with our strategic suppliers to support maximum inclusion of diverse and small businesses at all tiers in the performance of Vistra Energy contracts through our Multi-Tier Initiative. By participating in our Multi-Tier Initiative you will be joining us in our corporate Supply Chain Diversity commitment.

While Vistra Energy will be continuing all of its first-tier efforts, we see great opportunity in increasing business with diverse and small companies through participation in our Multi-Tier Initiative.

To obtain additional information on how you may participate in the Vistra Energy Multi-Tier Initiative or if you have any questions regarding the Multi-Tier Reporting information, please contact Heather Herndon Wright.

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