Attn: Supply Chain
Irving, TX

Submitting Invoices

For e-commerce suppliers, all PO invoices are submitted by the vendor through the Ariba Network.

For all other suppliers, PO invoices are submitted by the vendor to AP.Invoicing@vistracorp.com or by mail at PO Box 20, Dallas, TX 75221.


How are PO invoices scheduled for payment?

Error free invoices are scheduled for payment by adding the PO Terms to the Invoice Received Date.

How is the Invoice Received Date Determined?

The Invoice Received Date is the date an error free invoice is submitted and received by Accounts Payable.

How can PO terms be revised?

The buyer is the only one who can revise PO terms.

How are Non-PO invoices scheduled for payment?

Non-PO invoices pay according to Payment Date listed on internal Non-PO IDF (Invoice Distribution Form) or Company Non-PO default Vendor Payment Terms of 60 days (if not changed at vendor level to reflect vendor term less than 60 but not less than 10 days).

If the vendor has a discrepancy with their invoice (billing error, no PO listed on the invoice, Ariba system concerns), does the invoice received date start over once the invoice is resubmitted with correct information or corrected in Ariba?

Yes, the invoice receive date starts over when the invoice is resubmitted. Therefore, Accounts Payable must be made aware to back date the invoice received date or change the scheduled due date.

What is a prepayment and what support is required?

A prepayment invoice is a document used to record advance payments for services or material from suppliers. Prepayment invoices should contain the amount required for prepaid and a Purchase Order number. Prepayment invoices must be labeled as Proforma or Prepayment by the vendor.

Can PO invoices be processed without a PO number listed on the invoice when submitted for processing?

No, please reach out to your buyer and request the PO number before submitting invoices to Accounts Payable. The invoice cannot be processed without a PO number and could possibly result in payment delays if received without a PO number.

What categories are included in the Vistra Small and Diverse Business Initiatives?

Small & Diverse Supplier categories include:

Minority Business Enterprises
Woman Business Enterprises
Veteran Business Enterprises
Service-Disabled Veteran Businesses Enterprises
Texas Historically Underutilized Businesses
All Small Businesses as defined by the US Small Business Administration
HUBZone Certified Businesses

Does Vistra require third-party diversity certification?

For Diverse Suppliers to be part of our Supply Chain Diversity Initiative, we do require third party certification by an entity that conducts 100 percent site visits. Additionally, we request (but do not require) WBENC, NMSDC, and NaVOBA certifications and utilize those databases for our sourcing events.

For our Small Businesses category, we require self-certification through the completion of a Supplier Status Profile form upon award of business with us.

Does Vistra have a separate Supplier Diversity Registry or Portal?

We do not.

We use the following databases to meet our “Rule of AT LEAST One” small and diverse supplier inclusion for all bid opportunities:

NMSDC Central
SBA Dynamic Small Business Search
Texas HUB Directory




SBA Dynamic Small Business Search

While we will accept self-certification for small business and other third party certifications upon approval for M/W/DVBE’s, we utilize the above listed databases as our sourcing tools.

What steps should I take to become a supplier to Vistra?

Via e-mail, provide your Capabilities Statement along with a list of current/recent contracts (highlighting any that pertain specifically to our business) and any additional relevant materials that would assist us in advocating on your behalf with our internal decision makers. THEN follow up with a phone call to see if there might be any opportunities or next steps. THEN BE PATIENT but persistent.

Do you have a Multi-Tier Initiative?

We do and will provide introductions to our Prime Suppliers where there might be additional opportunities.

How do I contact someone from Supply Chain Diversity?

Vistra Corporation
Attn: Supply Chain
Irving, TX
Telephone: 214.812.8000
Email: supplier.diversity@vistracorp.com